What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a unique Nano-Ceramic permanent adhesion paint protection suited to all types of both new and used vehicles.  It offers protection from damaging environmental fall out, Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti, Increased Hardness and a hydrophobic effect to keep your cars and other vehicles cleaner for longer and glossier than ever before. PAD team recommends the Ceramic Pro range of products to anybody looking for that perfect scratch resistant finish topped off with high level gloss.

What is Ceramic Pro

Why You Need Ceramic Pro

Benefits of Applying Ceramic Pro

The Best Car Paint Protection

A ceramic coating basically provides a strong, protective surface to the car’s body that can block all manner of foreign matter and prevent them from causing damage to the car. On any given day, a car has to endure a variety of attacks to its body, from accidental scratches to mud, dirt and other contaminants that are an inescapable part of the road. The nano- coating ensures that the original coating of the car is encased in a protective layer that can withstand a great deal of damage without showing any ill-effects on the body of the car.

Cost Effective in the Long Run

It may seem at first glance that having a ceramic coating installed is cost-prohibitive but take another look. Since wax lasts only 1 to 3 months, it needs to be reapplied at least quarterly. You’ll spend about $200 four times a year for a good wash and wax. That’s $800 per year. Over 5 years you would spend $4,000 for quarterly waxing. Since a professional ceramic coating is essentially permanent if maintained properly, it would require a single application over the average lifetime of vehicle ownership. If you never have to wax your car again you would save money. If you invest $1500 for a premium ceramic coating for your car, you would save $2500 over 5 years, compared to quarterly waxing.